Plushes and Books for Kids

Gifts that last through endless snuggling and come from the dryer the same as day one

Bashful Reindeer By Jellycat
Standard Price:$15.00
Bashful Black And White Kitten By Jellycat
Standard Price:$25.00
Bashful Grey Kitty By Jellycat | Small
Gabby Goose By Jellycat
Just Peachy Pom Pom
Standard Price:$24.00
Medium Orpie Chicken By Jellycat
The Grinch
Standard Price:$30.00
Drake Dragon by Jellycat
Standard Price:$45.00
Bashful Mouse | Medium
Bashful Reindeer By Jellycat | Medium
Standard Price:$25.00
Bashful Kitty | Medium
Bashful Penguin By Jellycat | Small