Image of children watering plants wearing Hanna Andersson

At Hanna, sustainability has been woven into the fabric of our company since the very beginning in 1983. Well before most other companies were thinking about it, our founder, a mother from Sweden named Gun Denhart, made sustainability one of our core principles. The foundation is making high-quality products that last and can be handed down, with the intent to reduce excess apparel consumption (a practice known as circularity). We were also pioneers in the use of organic cotton because it’s far safer for children’s sensitive skin and for the communities where our products are made.

Image of Hanna Andersson jacket tag.

Hanna-Me-Down Philosophy

From the beginning we built Hannas to last, to be handed down, and to be re-loved for multiple generations. There’s a bit of magic seeing a Hanna favorite shared from one kid to the next and being part of new adventures. Practically speaking, that circularity means you buy less, we make less, and the planet wins.

Image of cotton plant.

Organic, Harm-Free & Recycled

At Hanna, we’ve always believed children’s clothes should be made from the best materials and be free of harmful chemicals. That’s why we started using organic cotton and following health and safety benchmarks well before most U.S. companies ever considered such things. Our commitment has only strengthened over time and we’re continually raising the bar on ourselves.

Image of worker matching color schemes on Hanna Andersson

Fair Trade Practices

Our founder, Gun Denhart, committed to organic cotton right from the start, saying, “We have to go organic. It’s a human rights issue.” That pact to keep farmers and their families around the world safe will always be a priority for us. Our expanded commitment to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) helps ensure our partners adhere to social and environmental best practices.

Image of children walking through a field dressed in Hanna
                Andersson clothing and boots.

Our Ongoing Journey of Sustainability

Our commitment to environmental and social responsibility is a never-ending pursuit as we continue to learn and work to deepen our impact, both internally and externally. A recent corporate initiative reimburses Hanna HQ employees for a membership to Ridwell, an organization that makes it easy to safely dispose of batteries, light bulbs, electronics and other tricky-to-recycle items. More to come...