Image of children watering plants wearing Hanna Andersson pajamas.

Hanna + Sustainability

Sustainable clothing is a big part of Hanna’s history, and an even bigger part of our future. From our organic cotton fabrics to our signature hand-me-down quality, we’re committed to working toward a more sustainable future for you and your family.

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Organic Cotton Fabrics

Hanna’s founder, Gun Denhart, has always been an environmentalist. From the beginning, she says, “I wanted to sell products made out of organic cotton because it was better for the people working in those communities."

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Hand-Me-Down Quality

Since we began in 1983, hannas have been crafted to hand down and last for more than one child—usually at least three, and often for generations.

Image of worker matching color schemes on Hanna Andersson clothing.

Our Supply Partners

We are committed to doing business with partners that align with our values and share a common vision. So when we choose who to collaborate with, we consider many factors: quality, price, innovation, and working conditions for the team members in factories around the world.

Image of children walking through a field dressed in Hanna Andersson clothing and boots.

Our Future Steps

Together with our suppliers and factories, we are so excited to take the following steps toward reducing our environmental impact on the planet:

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Reduce & Recycle Efforts

To minimize our environmental impact and ensure a more sustainable future, we’re making big changes in our circularity and recycling efforts. Within Hanna, we are eliminating single-use plastics from our office, our distribution center, and our suppliers.

Image of fabric zoomed in on fiber.

GOTS Certification

We’re working on getting our key product categories GOTS certified. GOTS is a textile production certification that limits the use of chemical inputs during the production process of textiles.

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More OEKO-TEX®-Certified Products

OEKO-TEX® (pronounced something like oko-tex) certification means that a garment has gone through extensive testing to ensure that it’s safe from all harmful chemicals and dyes. We are increasing the number of OEKO-TEX® certified products we offer.