Welcome to Hanna

At Hanna Andersson, we consider our customers to be an extension of the Hanna family. As CEO, I am proud to represent a brand with a rich heritage and dedication to our customers’ satisfaction. If we haven’t met that level of service to you, please reach out to our customer service department. You can also reach me at: m.edwards@hannaandersson.com, to share any suggestions for improving your Hanna experience.

Hanna Andersson was founded in 1983 in Portland, Oregon by Gun Denhart, a woman from Sweden who created an original line of children’s clothing based on Scandinavian principles of happiness and design. This way of meaningful thinking celebrates the simplicity of life by recognizing moments of quality and the need for nurturing a child’s independence and growth.

Over three decades later, Hanna Andersson is a part of the family, creating a legacy of the softest, most durably crafted, quality apparel and accessories. Made to wear and wash, over and over then hand down, making Hanna the original sustainable kids clothing brand.