The Hanna Red Thread

There is a Swedish expression, "den röda tråden" which means "the red thread" — the throughline that ties everything together and gives it meaning. Our red thread began over thirty years ago, when Gun Denhart, a Swedish woman living in the United States, founded Hanna Andersson. Her goal was to outfit the adventure of childhood by embracing distinctly Scandinavian principles: iconic design that marries form and function, a genuine commitment to sustainability, and a lifestyle that leads to happy, meaningful lives.

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An Iconic Design Ethos

As a leading center of mid-century modern design, Scandinavia is known for marrying beauty and function in a clean, simple aesthetic, resulting in beautiful products that stand the test of time.

A Genuine Commitment to Sustainability

Scandinavia has long been a leader in environmental stewardship, limiting waste, and recycling. In fact, Greta Thunberg is the most visible face of the climate crisis today and the voice of the next generation.

A Focus On Behaviors That Lead to Happy, Meaningful Lives

Scandinavian countries consistently rank among the world’s happiest places to live. They are grounded in values of inclusivity, cozy “hygge” times with friends and family, open-air living or “friluftsliv”, and giving children the freedom to be independent.

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Together, these principles act as our red thread guiding the Hanna Way and leading to products authentically different from other children’s brands.

The Hanna Way


For Play

Marrying form and function, Hannas are designed to look great and feel even better. Our timeless silhouettes

are clean and modern, yet never go out of style. And our happy patterns and colors are made for big imaginations that bring the adventure of childhood to life. But some of our most loved design details aren’t easily seen at first glance. Our flatlock seams are the sturdiest stitch there is, while also laying perfectly flat against a child’s sensitive skin. Our elastic-encased waistbands are built for nonstop comfort to eliminate the rub. And since we know kids play hard, our dye and printing techniques withstand lots of washing while always staying bright, soft, and with a solid shape that never goes limp.

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For nearly 40 years, our commitments to organic, harm-free materials, fair trade practices, and

circularity have made us the original sustainable kids’ clothing company. That starts with reducing clothing waste by building products to “Hanna-me-down” from one child to the next. The heft of our fabric is designed to last and be re-worn again and again. Our organic cotton is softer and stronger than regular cotton, thanks to our unique combing process that removes prickly impurities and short fibers prone to breaking. And, Hannas are made with fold-down cuffs, giving kids a great fit for longer.

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of Childhood

Childhood is an adventure for the whole family, every moment of the day and night: from matching family

pajamas made for cozy “hygge’” moments to clothes that invite you outside to enjoy a little “friluftsliv”(open-air living), in any weather. We limit our use of buttons and zippers so kids can find success in independently dressing themselves. And our inclusive sizing and designs let every child express themselves with confidence. We believe in the importance of letting kids be kids—from tying shoes to climbing trees—without ever having to worry about clothes that pinch, itch or bind. Hannas are the perfect equipment for finding adventure in the everyday.

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Our Commitments

Image of an older sibling holding and kissing their infant sibling dressed in Hanna Andersson clothing.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We are committed to continuously learning and improving to ensure Hanna is a fair and welcoming company that supports the diverse backgrounds of Hanna families.


Minimizing our impact on the planet has always been part of our story. From Hanna-me-down circularity, organic cotton, and fair trade practices, our sustainability journey is ongoing.

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Giving Back

We’re proud to support charities focused on children in need, like Baby2Baby, which provides children with clothing, diapers and basic necessities.

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