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More OEKO-TEX® Certified Products

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification (pronounced something like oko-tex) means that a garment has gone through extensive testing to ensure that it’s safe from all harmful chemicals and dyes. We are increasing the number of OEKO-TEX® certified products we offer.

While organic certification speaks to the raw materials used to make a piece of clothing, OEKO-TEX® certification is all about how those materials are processed. When a piece is STANDARD 100 certified, it applies to every button, zipper, or detail that may be on it.

This means no toxic chemicals, and no chemical damage to the soil, humans, or animals working with cotton crops. Organic cotton is also 80% rain-fed, which reduces the impact on water needed to produce it, and reduces the impact to those facing water shortages.

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At Hanna, we’re very proud to say that almost all of our items for baby, sleep, and swim—and many of our play basics as well—are certified OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, meaning they’re safe from harmful levels of more than 350 harsh substances. We’re working hard to get more Hanna products and categories up to that same standard.

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