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Soft is Strong

Soft is Strong

We believe that softness and strength go together naturally. From the very beginning, Hanna has always been about seeing joy in the little things, in the simplicity of everyday life. In a time when it’s especially meaningful to find sources of strength in our lives, we’re finding it in the moments of softness we share with our families—whether it’s baby’s first steps, siblings comforting one another, or seeing our big kid fall down and get back up. 

Families playing together

Here at Hanna, these small, fleeting moments give us strength each day. And the most amazing part is, nobody is better at telling that story than you. We love showcasing the real Hanna families who are living these moments of softness and strength. So we just wanted to say: thank you! Our “Soft is Strong" story is inspired by you, and it makes us so happy to bring your family to the forefront.

Please continue to share your moments of softness and strength with us, using the tag #softisstrong on social or our site. And check out our full “Soft is Strong" video.

Boy playing on skateboard