Toddler Girl Dresses & Skirts

Iconic styles made for special occasions and the little moments that last

Summer Soft Twirl Dress Set
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Bright Baby Basics Dress in Organic Cotton
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Bright Basics Dress In Organic Cotton
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Dress Set In Organic Cotton
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Perfectly Twirlable Toddler Girl Dresses

Whether outfitting a new walker or picking out a dress for their first Christmas party, our collection of toddler girls dresses are crafted with all over softness for every meaningful moment. Featuring smooth seams, easy-to-change design for those in diapers, and yes, even pockets, our little girl dresses enable play through effortless movement. With bold colors in classic stripes and fun prints like bright flowers and whimsical mermaids, their growing personality can shine through in their new wardrobe.

Made to last, our toddler girl dresses wash with ease and come from the dryer every time with the same vibrant color and breathable fit. Paired with a set of soft cotton leggings or a warm cardigan, creating the perfect special day ensemble is worry-free knowing that they are surrounded by comfort in lasting softness.

Dresses Made for Play

Between finger paint sessions at the kitchen table to make believe with friends in the back yard, there’s a lot of play to be done as a toddler. That’s why we designed our girls dresses for toddlers to move with them, never bunching or sagging for all day movement inside and out. From crawling to tottering to walking, their new favorite dress will support them with straight to skin softness.

It’s no surprise that toddlers can be messy, so our dresses wash like a dream with colors that keep bright and fits that stay true. Right from the dryer their dresses will wear just like day one, and with convenient half-sizes changing is a breeze.