Sustainability Hanna-Me-Down Philosophy
Image of Hanna Andersson clothing tag on a jacket.
Hanna-Me-Down Philosophy

From the beginning we built Hannas to last, to be handed down, and to be re-loved for multiple generations. There’s a bit of magic seeing a Hanna favorite shared from one kid to the next and being part of new adventures. Practically speaking, that circularity means you buy less, we make less, and the planet wins.

Image collage of kids dressed in Hanna Andersson clothing and                pajamas.

That’s why Hannas have always been made differently. You feel it from the moment you pick up anything Hanna.

Our fabrics are more substantial

thanks to heavier gauge cotton and yarn size. In fact, our pajamas are 55% more durable than the leading competition.

Hannas are super soft

yet can be washed and washed without fading, fraying or pilling thanks to our combed cotton.

We build Hannas with room to grow

and details like fold-down cuffs to give kids a longer lasting great fit.

Our flatlock seams are double-sided and incredibly strong

yet smooth next to the skin.

Our new partnership with Kidizen REWEAR™ Collective helps drive resale and reuse. The program will give Hanna families a vehicle to extend the lives of the products we make for the greater good.

It all adds up to our Hanna-me-down philosophy, which keeps Hannas on happy kids for generations and keeps our planet happy, too.