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FAQs: Commonly Asked Customer questions

Will your stores ever be opening again?

Currently, we’re shifting our focus to our online store, and don’t have plans to re-open our retail locations. We hope all of our Hanna families continue to shop with us at—and work with our wonderful Personal Shoppers to answer any of your shopping questions!

If I purchase something online and I need to return it, can I hold on to it until your stores open?

Please do not hold on to your items, as our stores are not re-opening. We still make returns easy! Please follow the return directions here to get started.

How do I return something online? I always did that in the store.

Returns can be easily started online. Please click here to learn how that works.

Will your Outlet stores be opening?

Our Outlet locations will not be reopening, but you can still find great deals in our Sale section. If you need assistance, our team of expert Personal Shoppers will be happy to help.

Why do I have to pay a $5 fee to return something?

Given the costs associated with returns, we have a $5 charge to help offset that expense.

Why are all your stores closed? Are you going out of business?

No, we are definitely not going out of business! The retail world has changed, and we’ve made the decision to focus on our online store to create the best experience for our Hanna families. This gives us the chance to serve you even better—getting new Hanna products to you faster than ever before.

How do I find any information about stores on your website?

Any information regarding stores can be found at under FAQs.

I heard that your stores are going to be opening this summer, is that true?

Our Retail and Outlet locations will not be re-opening. You can still do all of your Hanna shopping with us at We’re working hard to make our online shopping experience better than ever—including our fantastic Personal Shoppers who have years of experience helping Hanna customers! If you’d like to learn more about the Personal Shoppers, please click here for more details.

I have heard that your stores are going to close in malls but open in strip malls or on the street—when is that going to happen?

Currently, there are no plans to move our stores from malls to strip malls or street locations. Instead, will be our digital flagship store—open 24 hours a day for all your Hanna shopping needs.