Registry FAQs

How do I mark an item as purchased if I purchased it in store and not online?

Visit your loved one's registry and find the item you purchased in store. Click 'mark as purchased' and simply enter your personal details. If their registry isn't public, contact our Customer Care team for assistance.

Everything on the registry list is sold out and I don’t know what to buy. Help!

Contact our Customer Care team by phone, email, or chat and they will help you find the perfect gift for baby.

What is the difference between the yellow keepsake box and your standard gift box?

Our yellow keepsake box is a gift in itself…Beautiful to give and get, it's crafted to last and hold your sweet memories inside.

Can I get the yellow gift box at the store?

Yes you can!

Is my personal information public or just visible to my loved ones?

You have the option to make your registry public and searchable or keep it hidden, so only those with your special URL can see.

Can I have multiple addresses on my registry?

No, sorry, just one shipping address.

Will you let me know if items on my registry are sold out or no longer available?

Yes! Your registry will stay updated to show the status of each item, but you won't receive an email.

How can I permanently delete my registry?

On your registry settings, select 'delete my registry' at the bottom of the page.

How often are registry purchases updated?

Your registry is updated daily.

What happens if I receive multiples or duplicates of the same item?

Contact our Customer Care team, and they will help you return or exchange your gift.

Can I return gifts purchased from my registry?

Yes! Take a look at our return policy for more details.

Why can't I find my loved one's registry online?

They may have opted to keep it hidden! Ask them for a direct link, or contact our Customer Care team for more help.

Can I choose a gift that isn't on my loved one's registry?

Yes, but you'd need to know their address in order to ship it to them.

Where will my purchased gift be shipped?

Your gift will be shipped to the address chosen by the person registered.

Do the gifts I've purchased include a card?

Yes! Just make sure to select this is a gift and type a personalized message during checkout.

Contact Customer Service Monday - Sunday, 6am - 8pm PT 1.800.222.0544, or visit one of our retail stores.