Hanna Blog Parenting Tips Mixing & Matching Holiday Hannajam Prints for Families & Couples
a mother, father, two boys and a girl, in Christmas pajamas on a couch

Mixing & Matching Holiday Hannajam Prints for Families & Couples

As the holiday season heads our way, we’ve been taking a look at family traditions—the old ones we’ve enjoyed for generations, as well as new ones we’ve been inspired to create this year. One tradition that we hear over and over again from Hanna families is, of course, holiday pajamas. And we’re seeing a growing trend of couples getting in on the fun, too. Whether it’s a new pair unwrapped every Christmas Eve or a way to kick off the season as soon as Thanksgiving ends, holiday PJs are clearly a treasured tradition. And around here, we’re partial to the matching Hannajams, which just make everyday family moments a little more special, even if it’s just sitting around the breakfast table together. 

So many prints… 

We try to offer as many new prints each year as we can, so that every family can find something they love. We know that families look forward to seeing what we’ve come up with as the holidays approach, and picking out the prints that will add extra cheer to the moments (and photos) of the season. And thanks to the expert craftsmanship and hand-me-down quality that we’re known for, we also know that you might have a lot of older Hannajams in your closet. So let’s talk about mixing and matching your holiday Hannajam prints! 

Why mix and match? 

You can get a lot more out of your pajamas by getting creative and mixing it up. Maybe you want to get new holiday PJs for the kids, but the parents already have some classic Hanna prints that will blend with them beautifully. Or maybe you’re taking a holiday photo as a couple and don’t want to be too “matchy-matchy." Artfully mixing prints can bring some really lovely dimension, depth, and delight to the picture.  

Tips for mixing & matching your holiday prints: 

Don’t be afraid of pattern-mixing 
This is the first rule of the game. We encourage you to embrace the rich and fun visual texture that can come from new combinations! 

Find common colors 
Start with some common ground for a foundation. Pull out a key color or two from one of our busier prints and match it to a color palette from a simpler print. 

Pick patterns of different scales 
Once you have colors in common, pay attention to scale. A smaller, more intricate print is usually best complemented with a bigger, bolder print. 

And remember: stripes are neutrals! 
The same goes for plaids! Once you have colors that work together, stripes, checks, and plaids are practically the new black—anything goes. 

A few ideas… 
Here are a few mixed-print holiday examples we love: 

The bold geometry of our Tannenbaum print + the texture of our Green Plaid 

Our classic Eight Days + our new, simpler Snowflake or a bold stripe in blue or grey 

Our Family Plaid + our red & white Scandi Cane 

The beloved Gnome Sweet Gnome + with our iconic green/white/red stripe 

Our new Marvel Fairisle print + any of our bold stripes 

 Can’t wait to see what combinations you come up with. Merry mixing!