The Costume Shop

Organic pajamas + soft costumes for endless play! Who can you be?

shop costumes the star unicorn

The Star Unicorn

shop costumes the shy fire-breathing dragon

The Shy Fire-Breathing Dragon

shop costumes the big-hearted lion

The Big-Hearted Lion

shop costumes The Stealthy Smiley Shark

The Stealthy Smiley Shark

shop costumes The Whispering Cat

The Whispering Cat

The Happy Go Lucky Puppy

The Happy-Go-Lucky Puppy

shop costumes the soaring pteryodactyl

The Soaring Pterodactyl

shop costumes The Breezy Butterfly

The Breezy Butterfly

shop costumes the laughing mermaid

The Laughing Mermaid

shop costumes the curious octopus

The Curious Octopus

shop costumes The Legendary Pirate

The Legendary Pirate

shop costumes The Watchful Parrot

The Watchful Parrot

shop costumes The Daring Knight

The Daring Knight

shop costumes The Adventurous Princess

The Adventurous Princess

shop costumes The Super Hero

The Super Hero

shop costumes the aeroplane

The Aeroplane

shop costumes The Astronaut

The Astronaut

shop costumes The Mysterious Martian

The Mysterious Martian

The Busy Bumblebee

The Busy Bumblebee

The Lively Ladybug

The Lively Ladybug

shop costumes the charming cheetah

The Charming Cheetah

shop costumes the flying flamingo

The Flying Flamingo

shop costumes The Mischievous Monkey

The Mischievous Monkey

shop costumes the bold bounding dino

The Bold Bounding Dino

shop costumes the carefree crab

The Carefree Crab

shop costumes the radiant jellyfish

The Radiant Jellyfish

shop costumes The Trusty Rancher

The Trusty Rancher

shop costumes the fastest racecar

The Fastest Racecar

shop costumes the fearless firefighter

The Fearless Firefighter

shop costumes The Loyal Dalmatian

The Loyal Dalmatian

shop costumes The Very Best Bear

The Very Best Bear

shop costumes the clever bunny

The Clever Bunny

shop costumes The Not-So-Scary Ghost

The Not-So-Scary Ghost

shop costumes The Spirited Spider

The Spirited Spider

The Sometimes Sleepy Bat

The Sometimes Sleepy Bat

shop costumes The Laughing Jack O’Lantern

The Laughing Jack O’Lantern

shop costumes the coolest ice cream truck

The Coolest Ice Cream Truck

shop costumes the vibrant rainbow

The Vibrant Rainbow

shop costumes the sprightly sloth

The Sprightly Sloth

shop costumes the white swan

The White Swan

Costumes for Boundless Make-Believe

Crafted for year-round creative play, our costumes for girls and boys are made for endless hours of make-believe surrounded by legendary softness. Pretend play is important to a child’s development, so we make our kids costumes so that nothing gets in the way of movement and exploration. Whether your child marvels over mermaids or digs dinosaurs, our lasting kids dress up outfits let their personalities bloom.

The perfect companion to their favorite Halloween costume or for simply a bit of imaginative fun during playdates in the backyard, our costume and costume accessories for kids are designed to stand up to every adventure with legendary quality and comfortable fits made for movement.

Mix and Match for Custom Comfort

Their favorite costumes will come to life with a set of 100% organic cotton pajamas or alongside our girls and boys basics. Pair some flamingo wings with pink cotton long johns or cheetah claws with pajamas in classic yellow stripes to create a snug and comfortable playtime outfit. With stretch cuffs and smooth seams for care-free play inside and out, our girls and boys clothes are the perfect companion to costume ideas for kids little to big.

Lasting Durability and Warmth

Crafted to last through hour after hour of play, our girls and boys costumes are designed to stay bright, soft, and true to fit after every wash. From animal costumes outside to unicorn costumes in the playroom, their costumes won’t sag or bunch, and stretch waistbands will stay snug wear after wear. Our 100% organic cotton pajamas are designed with warmth in mind, so come Halloween night you can be sure your child can run from house to house in uninhibited comfort.