The Costume Shop

Organic pajamas + soft costumes for endless play! Who can you be?

shop costumes the charming cheetah

The Charming Cheetah

shop costumes the soaring pteryodactyl

The Soaring Pterodactyl

shop costumes the sprightly sloth

The Sprightly Sloth

shop costumes the coolest ice cream truck

The Coolest Ice Cream Truck

shop costumes the carefree crab

The Carefree Crab

shop costumes the curious octopus

The Curious Octopus

shop costumes the laughing mermaid

The Laughing Mermaid

shop costumes the radiant jellyfish

The Radiant Jellyfish

shop costumes the flying flamingo

The Flying Flamingo

shop costumes the bold bounding dino

The Bold Bounding Dino

The Busy Bumblebee

The Busy Bumblebee

The Lively Ladybug

The Lively Ladybug

The Happy Go Lucky Puppy

The Happy-Go-Lucky Puppy

shop costumes the white swan

The White Swan

shop costumes the vibrant rainbow

The Vibrant Rainbow

shop costumes the clever bunny

The Clever Bunny

shop costumes the aeroplane

The Aeroplane

shop costumes the fearless firefighter

The Fearless Firefighter

shop costumes the fastest racecar

The Fastest Racecar

The Sometimes Sleepy Bat

The Sometimes Sleepy Bat

wandering wizard costume

The Wandering Wizard

Here at Hanna Andersson, we believe in letting kids be kids. Letting them express their unique personality is foundational to developing and fostering their imagination and creativity. The Costume Shop at Hanna Andersson has tons of dress-up costumes for kids that make playing pretend and making believe a little easier and a whole lot more fun!

Our kids dress-up costumes are made with out legendary softness which means that no matter how long they play, they’ll be comfortable in their own world. With a variety of costumes from astronauts and unicorns to superheroes and princesses, there’s an endless amount of fun to be had. And if they don’t mess around when it comes to messing around, Hanna kids costumes come with awesome costume accessories that really immerse them into playing pretend.

Browse the Hanna Andersson Costume Shop to find creative play-pretend kids costumes and outfits that last through the years and stay fun time and time again.