what in the world is Oeko-Tex?

Oeko-Tex (sounds like echo-tex) is a process that tests for over 100 harmful substances! To give you the more official description, Öko-Tex Standard 100 is an ecological certification process. We became aware of it through our vendors in Europe, where it's widely known and used, and we're pioneers in embracing it here in America. Certified garments are painstakingly tested for over 100 harmful substances, which is not inexpensive, but we believe so passionately in its importance that we're committed to the investment. Our dedicated employee Kim corrals endless paperwork and telephone calls to keep every fabric, button, and zipper certified.

why are we passionate about öko-tex?

Because it's an exciting ecological process with a pretty large ripple effect. The "testing" we keep telling you about is absolutely scrupulous — every fabric, button and thread of the garment must undergo exhaustive tests of over 100 harmful substances to achieve certification, and be retested regularly to stay certified. This labor of love brings together a diverse group of vendors for every garment — some of whom are excited and others who need persuasion. As we keep adding to our total sales of over a million certified hannas, we feel the ripple effect spreading, first to our vendor community, second to our customers, and ultimately to more and more brands throughout America, where the time is right for a consciousness of human ecology to grow.

why should you care about öko-tex?

Because it's healthy for kids and their families! For over 20 years, our cotton has always been made with substantially fewer chemicals than mass market cotton, and many hannas are worn directly on the skin, so Öko-Tex is a natural direction for us to grow. As we have more and more styles certified, we're placing not only softness against babies and children's skin, but purity as well.