Children's Sizes
Our Size
up to 20"
up to 9 lbs
50 cm
18-22 in.
6-12 lbs.
0-3 mos.
60 cm
22-26 in.
10-16 lbs.
2-6 mos.
70 cm
26-30 in.
14-21 lbs.
5-12 mos.
80 cm
30-34 in.
20-27 lbs.
10-24 mos.
90 cm
34-38 in.
26-33 lbs.
2-3½ yrs.
100 cm
38-42 in.
31-38 lbs.
3-5 yrs.
110 cm
42-46 in.
37-48 lbs.
4-6 yrs.
120 cm
46-50 in.
45-55 lbs.
6-8 yrs.
130 cm
50-54 in.
52-64 lbs.
7-10 yrs.
140 cm
54-58 in.
62-80 lbs.
9-11 yrs.
150 cm
58-62 in.
75-95 lbs.
11-13 yrs.
160 cm
62-66 in.
88-110 lbs.
Our sizing is easy!
We still use the European way of sizing by height in centimeters because it's easy and makes good sense - since every child grows at their own pace all you need to do is measure their height for a good fit.

There's no need to "buy big."
Our clothes have plenty of growth room, so go ahead and order the correct size on our chart - there's no need to "buy big." We can't stress this enough! Whether you choose an item that's prewashed or one that has shrinkage built in, every hanna garment is designed for a good fit with room for growth.

How to use our size chart:
Just measure your child from the top of the head to the floor in inches, then use the chart to convert to centimeters. Call us with any questions and we'll be happy to help you get the right fit.

Height is the one and only measure you need to order hannas - we can't stress this enough - measure the height for a good fit.

Weight may be helpful if a child is above or below average weight.

Age isn't nearly as accurate as using the height (since kids all grow at different rates!). It's helpful when sending out-of-town gifts.
Kids Adjustable Waist
Our Size
80 cm
30-34 in
20-27 lbs
10-24 mos
90 cm
34-38 in
26-33 lbs
2-3½ yrs.
100 cm
38-42 in
31-38 lbs
3-5 yrs
110 cm
42-46 in
37-48 lbs
4-6 yrs
120 cm
46-50 in
45-55 lbs
6-8 yrs
130 cm
50-54 in
52-64 lbs
7-10 yrs
140 cm
54-58 in
62-80 lbs
9-11 yrs
150 cm
58-62 in
75-95 lbs
11-13 yrs
160 cm
62-66 in
88-110 lbs
Adjustable Waist For A Just-Right Fit

These pants have an adjustable waist to give your child the most comfortable fit ever. It's easy to loosen or tighten the elastic - just use the handy buttons located inside the waistband. Now everyone will have a just-right-fit!